Weekly News

Three Mile Creek Explorers,

We are starting to see cases of COVID returning to our school.  With the statewide increase of cases, it is important to do our part, and help prevent the spread of the virus.  Please be safe, and report illness to the office so we can notify those who may have come in contact with them.  The Bear River Health Department has updated their quarantine and isolation requirements.  Here is a copy of the new recommendations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mDZkYvbnlOJqWyHfd2gOEm-h_QMpKLJDThc_pzUrUX0/edit?usp=sharing

As a school today, we have 4 active cases with several people also quarantined due to family members that are ill. 

Don’t forget to send kids with winter coats labeled with their names.  Our lost and found has a lot in it, we will be putting all of it out for a while before we empty it out.