Drop off map


Thank you for all of your efforts to keep our students safe. As we get into winter, and the challenging driving conditions that come with it, we find that more parents are dropping their students off at the school, instead of having them walk, or ride. We wish to ask for your help to make sure that you are safe as we drop students off.

  1. I have attached a map of the pick up and drop off zones.
  2. PLEASE, do not go in the east parking lot during the drop off times: 7:30-8:00. During this time, we ask that parents drop students off by the 5th grade doors on the south side of the building.
  3. PLEASE, leave room for the buses as they exit the parking lot. There is a hill there, and the buses are not able to stop as they leave the school grounds, so dropping off kids by the marque, or stopping in front of the exit to the parking lot can be really dangerous.
  4. Please be courteous to our employees, and bus drivers. We are just trying to keep everyone safe each day.